[ct-user] ARRL Contest Logs

Alan C. Zack Alan C. Zack" <k6acz@earthlink.net
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 21:20:48 -0700

I used CT during the ARRL SSB DX and promptly sent in my paper
logsheets, dupe sheets, and summary sheet along with my properly marked
disc with my K6ACZ.all. K6ACZ.bin, K6ACZ.dup, and K6ACZ.sum files.
Today I rcv'd a letter dated 4/2/98 from Sharon Taratula at the ARRL
Contest Department telling me they cannot accept my entry as it is in
binary format and needs to be in ASCII format.  I seem to recall this
came up on the reflector for a past ARRL contest with the result being
ARRL was to accept the CT files as is.  Has this happened to anyone else
and if so what did you do to appease ARRL into accepting your entry.
BTW, I have been submitting my entries for both ARRL and CQ contests
straight from CT for years without it being rejected.  Have I just been
lucky or are they getting more strict?  Any suggestions please?  Thanks
in advance.  73

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