[ct-user] Radio interface

Stan Staten Stan Staten <sstaten@netkonnect.net>
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 15:24:00 -0400

What do folks use with the FT-1000 to interface with CT?  I found myself
changing bands on the radio and forgetting to tell CT that I have changed.
CT won't let me go back and change the band data so I didn't know what do
do.  I got so frustrated trying to fix it that I almost threw in the towel
and quit until I got the idea of just re-entering the calls once I had
changed the band in CT and then changing the calls listed under the wrong
band to a dup, using the dup remover to get them out.  This worked OK
except that the times in the log were off by several minutes and it messed
up the sequential number for several contacts.  Does this mean that I need
to buy a computer interface to get the band data right.  If so, how do I
interface it as all my ports (or at least the IRQs) are already in use?

73 Stan

Stan Staten, w3ink

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