[ct-user] Wireless Interconnect

Adam Epstein Adam Epstein <adam@panix.com>
Fri, 10 Apr 98 18:29:55 EDT

I've been asked to look into wireless solutions for CT interconnection at a
four-plus station (field day) multi-op.  We have used low-grade fiber with
some success in the past, but we would like to simplify set-up, and fewer
cables to run (hopefully) means simpler set-up.

I've seen "Using K1EA Between Remote Sites" by Paul Evans (G4BKI) on the FAQ
page.  Can anybody who has experience using AX.25 TNCs for CT station
interconnect (as described by G4BKI) comment on this approach?  I'm
especially interested in comments about both *reliability* and *simplicity*.

Does anybody have experience using part 15 devices to interconnect CT
stations at a multi-op?  The 900 MHz spread spectrum modems described at
http://www.proxim.com/products/mobility/rl2/proxlink.shtml and
http://www.comrad.com/CCL901.html sound like they would be both reliable and
simple to use, but they are (marginally) beyond our budget at the moment.

Anybody have experience with other wireless approaches?

One final question: Has the Ethernet TSR that I've seen described in the
archive been used extensively and is it reliable?

  -Adam (N2DHH)

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