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Robert Naumann Robert Naumann" <n5nj@worldnet.att.net
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Perhaps, the ARRL is as confused as we are ?  Seriously, I believe that
those general instructions have been around since before the Internet was
standard for everyone and referred to the ARRL Bulletin Board procedures.  I
guess they should be updated.

Please check out:


The following is from that site:

"E-mail: Send an ASCII summary sheet and ASCII log file (following the ARRL
Suggested File Format) to contest@arrl.org. Merge the summary sheet and log
file together into one file with an ASCII text editor and send it on the
Internet as a text message. "

This is the instruction I followed and apparently, Dick has also.


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>Fine, but that's not what they ask for on the web page General Rules
>Here are the excerpts:
>". ARRL Standard File Format: For Electronic Submission of Contest Entries.
>All files must be in standard ASCII text format.
>The log data file name shall consist of the call sign and the extension
>for example, K5ZD.LOG
>The summary sheet file name shall consist of the call sign and the
>".SUM" for example, K5ZD.SUM "
>"Electronic entries should include a summary file instead of a paper
>sheet. (The signature is not necessary on an electronic summary sheet (see
>Rule 2). "
>...under Reporting...
>". Electronic files may all be attached to the same message.
>To be complete, entries must consist of the log and summary sheet. (For
>electronic entries, you may ZIP the summary sheet file and the log file
>together using PKZIP.EXE or its equivalent, and upload your compressed file
>upload the files separately.) "
>You'll notice in every instance they refer to 2 separate FILES with
>FILE NAMES.  They also refer to the ATTACHMENT of files.
>The path for browsing the General ARRL Rules is
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>>I do exactly as Bob describes below and always get a reply in less than
>>and week and normally in about two days. It appears that if you send your
>>log as an attachment, they lay it aside to check when they have time.
>>73, Dick Wilder, K3DI  wilder@clark.net  (abs.net is my junk mail adr)
>>On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Robert Naumann wrote:
>>> The email submission guidelines say to first include the summary and
>>> the CALL.log file in the message itself, not as an attachment.  In other
>>> words, paste the summary sheet into the email, then the paste in the
>>> CALL.log file making one relatively big email.
>>> I have recently submitted 2 logs as above to ARRL via Email.  The
>>> acknowledgement did take several days but came through.  Be patient.
>>> 73, Bob N5NJ
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