[ct-user] CT automation with two radios

Gary Yantis Gary Yantis <gyantis@midtec.com>
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 08:58:47 -0600

John --
After looking at how complex and sometimes limiting a two radio/one 
computer setup could be I decided to use two separate computers and network 
them together.   Works better for a "single brain" operator like me.   I 
envy those that are able to remember to switch back and forth using one 
computer.   With my setup I have the left radio set up with a keyboard and 
monitor also on the left.   The right radio has the other monitor and 
keyboard next to it.   I use MFJ voice keyers and N3JT CW interfaces on 
both.   A bit more expensive than a single computer set up but worth it as 
far as I'm concerned.   With CT being DOS an old 286 computer will work OK 
so a second computer can be added for not a lot of money.

Left hand -- left radio //  Right hand -- right radio.   Simple, so I can 
handle that!   I set CT for multi-single (so the networking works) then 
change it back to single-op after the end of the contest before doing the 
logs.   Another advantage of separate computers and monitors is that they 
each display information like zones, prefixes, etc. for its radio -- no 
switching back and forth.   Also, on the multiplier radio I can  type a 
call sign on that keyboard while typing in a exchange on the run radio.   I 
know many others that use two computers use an interlock to make sure they 
don't accidentially transmit on both radios at once.   I haven't done that 
yet -- just have to be careful.   Good luck and thanks for all the contacts 
in the various contests!

Gary, W0TM

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