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Barry Kutner Barry Kutner" <w2up@mindspring.com
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 11:30:23 +0100

On 5 Aug 98,, Michael Bramley <bramley@enternet.com.au> wrote:

> Hi,
>      I am having trouble networking two pentiums computers. Both
> computers will communicate with their respective radios, however I can
> only get Station 1 to send to Station 2. Station 2 receives OK but is
> unable to send to Station 1 or perhaps Station 1 is not receiving ??
>       I have reversed the Null Modem cable and got the same results, I
>  have played around with the Bios Configuration of the Com Ports as well
>  as swapping the radio ports with the network ports .......No Success
> and very Frustrating!
>       Any helpful advice would be gratefully accepted.
>  Mike Bramley VK2CM            email: bramley@enternet.com.au
Mike - I just networked CT using 2 Ethernet cards and K1TTT's 
NETTSR program in 2 computers.
Advantages - Ethernet is fast, reliable, and can be used with ANY 
network (WIndows, Novell, etc.) Configuration doesn't require a 
serial port (only a base address and IRQ). 
Disadvantages-You need an Ethernet card for each computer. I've 
seen them advertised for as little as $10 here in USA.
73 Barry
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