[ct-user] Re: Networking

Michael Bramley Michael Bramley <bramley@enternet.com.au>
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 18:40:50 +1000

     I am having trouble networking two pentiums computers. Both
computers will communicate with their respective radios, however I can
only get Station 1 to send to Station 2. Station 2 receives OK but is
unable to send to Station 1 or perhaps Station 1 is not receiving ??
      I have reversed the Null Modem cable and got the same results, I
 have played around with the Bios Configuration of the Com Ports as well
 as swapping the radio ports with the network ports .......No Success
and very Frustrating!
      Any helpful advice would be gratefully accepted.
 Mike Bramley VK2CM            email: bramley@enternet.com.au

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