[ct-user] Doubt in multi-op operations

Fidel Leon Fidel Leon" <sac40@dimoni.com
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 11:34:13 +0200

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On 05/08/98, at 8:36, Jim Pratt wrote: 

>> will not send the same serial number twice.
>If you have LOGGED the QSO on one computer, the other computer won't send 
>the same serial number.  But if both are starting a QSO at the same time, 

	Just that! Beginning of contest, the two operators making their firsts
QSOs, the two DX stations received serial 001.

>they WILL send the same serial number.  This is why I, and others who use 
>two computers for two rigs, single op, log the QSO with phoney 
>information then go back and edit it to put in the correct info.

	... and just the work-around we used....

>I had a long discussion with K1EA at Dayton about this, I believe a fix 
>is forthcoming, namely some sort of "reservation" system for serial 

	It would make the contesters's life a little happier, HI!

Fidel Leon - EA3GIP

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