[ct-user] Doubt in multi-op operations

Fidel Leon Fidel Leon" <sac40@dimoni.com
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 15:13:38 +0200

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On 06/08/98, at 13:38, Julian cleak wrote: 

>Network CT and end of problem

	I'm afraid it isn't the solution at all.... Actually, the two computers
were networked OK.

	The trouble is: when the two computers are networked, both operators see
as available the same serial number. So, it is possible to both to give the
same serial number to different folks. A work-around, as said here, is
enter something at the callsign, validate this entry, and then go back to
it and modify with the real data. As you can see, it is a little annoying
in contests, where everybody wants to go as fast as they can...

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