[ct-user] Ver 9.37 CW Keying on LPT port

Keith Beebe Keith Beebe <kbeebe@epix.net>
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 03:18:47 +0100

I'm re-visiting this subject again after a bit more testing. I run
Version 9.34 on which I have to use the Yaesu FT-1000 radio parameter to
correctly control an FT-990. Using 9.34, CW keying on the LPT port is

Version 9.37 corrected the FT-990 radio control situation. However, it
now unfortunately causes CW keying on the LPT port to become erratic.
Spacing is off and sometimes it will just send random characters. If I
remove radio control, keying is OK.

Just an observation after further testing. For now, I'll stay with 9.34.

Keith Beebe W3KB

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