[ct-user] VHF Rover Operation

wg1z@erols.com wg1z@erols.com
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 21:33:40 -0500

I'm experiencing problems getting CT9.27 and/or ct9.31 to log properly
when running it in VHF Rover "Real-Time" and "PostContest" modes.  I
select "VHF-ARRL VHF QSO Party" from the Contest Type Pop Up Menu and
select "RV-Rover Station" from the Category Popup Menu.  If I contact a
fixed station for the first time from MY first grid square everything
logs fine, however, if I move into the second grid square, update my
gridsquare in CT using the "MYGRID" function, and contact the same fixed
station again, CT indicates a "DUPLICATE" contact and does not award any
points for the contact.  I am very much aware of the documentation found
on page 78 of my Version 9 CT manual that states, "CT's rover category
is incomplete....CT does not support this rule".  Has there been any
upgrades to CT to support the VHF rover category???  If so, what
version(s) contain "Bug Free" operation of this category???  If CT still
does NOT support the VHF rover catagory, then why does "RV-Rover
Station" get displayed in the Category Popup Menu and what is its
current function???  The other question is what OTHER contest logging
software is out there that DOES support "Real-Time" and "PostContest"
logging of the VHF Rover Category???

de WG1Z (JJ)

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