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Sat, 22 Aug 1998 11:14:42 EDT

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 Hi folks!
 I'm looking for the key overlays for CT. Back to the history few years
 ago there were two sources: Ken's V73C which offered by Oklahoma Comm
 Center and the Contest Assistant by VCH from IN.  HRO (Oklahoma Comm
 Center with it?) doesn't have them for a long time. I was trying to
 e-mail Ken, V73C but both his e-mail shown in Buckmaster and
 Contesting WEB site are incorrect.  Also I didn't see any adds from
 VCH for two or three years.  Does anybody have an idea where I can get
 key overlays now?
 Thanks in advance.
 73! Sergei  UA3AP aka K3AO, ex-AA8OT


We manufacture keyboard overlays for CT, RTTY by WF1B and many other useful DX
and Contesting Aids.

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