[ct-user] CT V9.37B

Herb Sims Herb Sims <sims@sauron.msfc.nasa.gov>
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 08:46:44 -0600


I am still having problems with undocumented features that I 'find' and 
documented (via the Red Instruction manual) features that don't work.  Is 
there a new manual online that I could download?

The one feature that I 'found' was when I wanted to use the F8 (check call) 
if I hit Shift-F8 it would give me the worked calls plus the master data 
calls as well - I have the flag set so that when I start CT it allows the 
master data list to be used, but until I accidentally hit shift-F8 it had 
never worked.  I couldn't find this 'feature' anywhere in the current 
manual.  Did I miss something?

Also, another problem that I am having is the following:  Let's say I 
worked a G3XYZ for England and another G station is announced on packet 
that I have not worked but is not a new multiplier, just a new contact. 
 The announce window did not show me this new un-worked station, so I had 
to leave the Alt-O packet window open all the time, when an alert come up I 
would have to manually check to see if I had worked the station.  What am I 
doing wrong?


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