[ct-user] CT9.35 Beta

DEL SCHIER KD1DU FN31 DEL SCHIER KD1DU FN31 <kd1du@Ridgefield-CT.com>
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 09:38:21 -0500

Ken Wolff wrote:
> CT9.35 Beta now available on:
> http://www.contesting.com/ctvault
> * Fixed SETDATE command (tnx K1AE)
> * IARU check country is now fixed (tnx K3CT)
> * Fixed crash on WRITELOG of large VHF logs (tnx K1TR)

Thanks for the new update of CT9.35 . I was very surprised that the
updates are on the web page. I dowloaded a new version a hoping to fix a
problem the first version 9 with WRITELOG scrambling the frequency. The
new version fixed the problem but crashed my computer. Within 2 days of
emailing that I had this problem I was sent a new file that works
perfectly. Thanks for the support.

One request and reccomendation. Many fello VHF contesters are switching
over to other logging programs because they have voice keyer support for
soundblaster sound cards. How about a patch so CT can record and play
through a soundblaster. The increase in software sales may more than
offset the loss in DVP board sales.

Thanks, 73
Del, KD1DU

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