[ct-user] CT9.35 Beta

Dick Wilder (K3DI) Dick Wilder (K3DI)" <wilder@abs.net
Thu, 1 Jan 1998 21:03:42 -0500 (EST)

Your list of things recommended for possible future CT versions is great.
Could you add enhancement of two-radio contesting?  Two suggestions are:

1)   In 2-radio contesting, display the band map for the last radio to
have changed frequency even if not the radio now being keyed.

2)   In 2-radio contesting, have a call remain in the call field
after switching radios.    (It is now necessary to retype the call on
the rare occasion that I remember what it was.)   

73, Dick Wilder, K3DI     
      Feb 21-22     VP2E?? ARRL CW   (serious)
      Feb 28/Mar 1  FS/K3DI CQ 160m SSB and REF SSB (what the heck)

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