[ct-user] CT and DVKs

wa8lly@pacbell.net wa8lly@pacbell.net
Sun, 04 Jan 1998 17:57:40 -0800

CT users,

I'm interested in your experiences with DVKs and CT. Presently I'm using
CT 8.53, but I expect to upgrade to 9.x, now that it seems to have
renewed support. It appears that there are 3 options.

Option 1 is the K1EA(?) DVP. It is the most expensive, but probably has
the best CT support. Is it supported by any of the general logging

Option 2 is using the Contest Voice Blaster and a SoundBlaster sound
card. I haven't heard much about this recently. Does it still work with
CT 9.x? Can a message be stopped after it has been started? How does the
sound quality compare with the K1EA DVP? Other advantages to this
solution is that the SoundBlaster can be used for RTTY and general audio

Option 3 is a stand alone unit such as the MFJ or a homebrew unit. How
does the MFJ sound quality compare to the K1EA DVP? One advantage of a
stand alone unit is that it doesn't require a computer.

Thanks for your time,

Steve K6UM

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