[ct-user] e-mailing ARRL10mtr logs

Frank Grossman WB2BXO Frank Grossman WB2BXO <71042.1303@compuserve.com>
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 00:12:04 -0500

I would like to try e-mailing my ARRL 10 meter contest entry to the league.  
to do so, I used WRITEARRL to generate WB2BXO.LOG and WRITESUM to generate 

Now, do I e-mail both files to contest@arrl.org as attachments?  Or do I cut 
and paste the .SUM into the message and attach only the the .LOG?  Or, must I 
snail-mail the summary sheet with the signed declaration?  QST seems a little 
vague on the point.

Yes, I know this is all quite elementary to you big contesters out there, but 
I've simply printed out and snail-mailed my logs in the past.



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