[ct-user] RST/Serial Sent shown log.

P & V Nesbit P & V Nesbit <pnesbit@melbpc.org.au>
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 08:26:49 +1100

CT users might be interested in the following, from John VK4EMM

>The first good news is that what you asked for in the log
>reports can be done.
>The RST and Serial number sent is now included in log reports
>prepared by Quick Score 1.4 (Beta) There is enough room to get
>all the required information on the page.
>Further good news is that CT9.35 (by Ken K1EA) can now activate
>the transmit relays. I can now retire my foot switch and give my
>tired old legs a good rest during the next CW contest.
>More good news is that the Commonwealth Contest is now included
>in QS1.4 This has been a big job. Preparing the BERU log has always
>been a very time consuming exercise - so it is great to get this
>one in the program.
>You can down load version 1.4 (Beta) from the RadioSport site:

(end quote)

Peter VK3APN

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