[ct-user] v.9.37 CW keying

Sante - IK0HBN Sante - IK0HBN <ik0hbn@isa.it>
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 10:28:19 +0100

At 04.49 02/06/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Sante.  I didn't try LPT2.  But would be really really interested if you
>would fire up the program and try LPT1.  That is the port several people
>are having problems with.  Let me know if it works with LPT1.  If you
>have the time.  Thanks.  Van

Hi Van,
just done! Also with LPT1 9.37 performs flawlessly. I also try again
Packet, networking (ethernet), Radio, Rotator and DSP-Blaster.
All is ok! To make things sure I have also set my call as ND5S to see if
something could have been changed, but of course nothing changed...:-))
With a previous version (now I do not remember which one) I had had a
similar problem: it stopped when I made the necessary changes to Windows 95
Com's setup.
I could send the settings if required.
Hope this help.
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