[ct-user] What version to use?!

PETER A BARRON PETER A BARRON <ve3pn@ott.igs.net>
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 00:31:01 -0400

Hi Randy
G'day all
PC is 486 100MHz  DOS 6.20
4 Com Ports & 2 printer ports
Mouse is 1
Com 3 Radio 1
Com 4 Radio 2
Com 2 TNC
Tried out 9.37 tonite and the band data comes out the two ports
the radio toggle
i.e. ALT. RADIO 1 control to COM3, LPT1 378H data to Top Ten box
     ALT. RADIO 2 control to COM4, LPT2 278H data to Top Ten box
Pin 14 of LPT1 378H is O for radio2
Pin 14 of LPT1 378H is +5V for radio1
If the addresses are not as above confussion reins at least on mine!

The version does  hang if a radio doesn't respond !

To cope with pinout changes I use a smal diecast box with DB25's on it
and inside have
a Vero@tm protoboard with jumpers! Plus the Key interface CKT from

Peter Barron VE3PN
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