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Tyler Stewart Tyler Stewart" <k3mm@erols.com
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 04:39:07 +0100

I had this problem with the RTTY WPX contest for a couple of years.

I suggested to Ray, WF1B, who authors the RTTY software that he assign serial
numbers across the network when the exchange (F2) is sent.  Although it's not
perfect, it's a heck of a lot better than waiting until the QSO is entered.

He put it in last year, and it works great.

73, Ty K3MM
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>On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Bob Selbrede wrote:
>> Multi-Multi setup.  If radio A is in the process of sending QSO number, say
>> #123, to a station; what happens if radio B is also doing the same thing at
>> the same time since both computers will show that the last QSO was #122?
>> Can this be handled with an option I need to use in the software setup or
>What happens is the first person who "enters" (logs) the QSO gets the
>serial number, and the other person stumbles around on the radio and says
>"er...K6ZZ, make that 123, not 122".  No way to fix this, no option to
>set, other than to log the QSO with "dummy information" and then go back
>and edit the QSO with the REAL info.
>Make sure to "fix" the information in the dummy-logged QSOs.  This
>problem has driven me nuts for years in operating SS with two networked
>computers.  I discussed this at length with K1EA at Dayton this year, he
>mentioned a "serial number reservation scheme" I had high hopes of being
>implemented to fix this for CQP, SS, WPX, etc.  Unfortunately, no such
>fix has come thus far.  Oh well...
>I suggest a note from you to K1EA mentioning your need for this upgrade
>as well.
>Good luck and 73!
>73, Jim  N6IG
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