[ct-user] Multi-multi serial numbers...

Mel Martin Mel Martin <mel@interlink.net>
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 00:34:45 -0400

I must have missed something David... I've never operated anything other
than single op, or multi-op single station, but I was under the
impression that m/m did assign from a single pool of numbers. If not I
don't see any problem. But if that's the case, wouldn't each operating
position just use it's own set of serial numbers?

David Robbins wrote:
> but it does work with ct... at least in contests where we run m/s
> like ss with multiple computers it is handled ok as long as you
> follow the rules.
> 1. YOU MUST hit insert to send the report.  this 'reserves' the serial
> number on the other network computers.
> 2. YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY log the contact after you hit insert, you can
> not wipe it and start over!
> 3. do not hit insert to send repeats, send them by hand or mouth.
> 4. if one computer crashes you must stop until all computers are
> back up ad in sync again.
> in most m/m contest with serial numbers each band uses its own
> set of numbers so this is not a issue.  i don't see how you could
> run any m/m with one set of numbers unless you used computer
> logging to hand out the numbers.. but with ct you would probably have
> to call it m/s to force just one sequence of numbers.

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Mel Martin

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