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GW4BLE GW4BLE" <gw4ble@btinternet.com
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 17:49:42 +0100

Hi Gang,

Apologies for sending the mail as a  Word document, here is the posting
again... I have been informed by julian.cleak@newport.gov.uk that version
9.38 has better radio support, although  I have no direct knowledge of this



As promised, here's a selection of the input concerning my recent posting,
"How safe is 9.37".


Steve GW4BLE


I'll support you 100% in getting 9.37 running. From 98, you have several
1.	Shutdown and reboot in MS-DOS mode: click the Start button, select
Shutdown, select Restart in MS-DOS mode
2.	Right click on CT and select Create Shortcut. Right click on the new
shortcut and select properties. Select Program. Select Advanced. Select
MS-DOS mode. When you double click the new shortcut, Win98 will shutdown and
restart CT in MS-DOS. When you exit CT, WIN98 will restart.

If you have any difficulty with the DVP, drop me some e-mail.
73, - Ken

Ken Wolff  K1EA
Hi Steve:
We tried to use 9.37 in the WAE, but gave up... We used it to link two
computers, but ran into a memory problem with the older computer...(not
enough memory/DOS error)...This gave me a real headache because we were
using a pair of IC-756s which are not included in version 9.27 that we
had...So we had to change both IC-756s to emulate the ancient but venerable
My friend Steve(G3YDV/NM2Y/W3EEE) and I each used our matching IC-756s, and
we also each used a matching (although outdated) Dentron MLA-2500 amp...The
MLA-2500 is really convenient for DXpeditions.
I'll be spending a lot of the time in the air repairing antennas in V2 at
the end of the month, but still haven't finalized plans for my annual
November escapade.
73 & CU in the CQWW,
Dale - N3BNA
Will be interested to hear what people say about 9.37 - I think we're going
to try run with it this year, if just to solve the Yaesu Radio Timeout error
locking up the keyboard, but you often never find the foibles until 3 hours
into the contest.
The ALT-H may have disappeared because you've lost the .HLP file - attached
- just stuff it in the CT directory
Andy, G4PIQ.

steve...the om himself reccommended that we use 9.27 and have heard that
9.37 has bugs...i have it here also and had to go back to 9.27.....de Rick

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