[ct-user] Multi-multi serial numbers... (fwd)

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 19:26:04 -0700 (PDT)

> > 
> > Assigning serial numbers "sequencially" is actually impossible in a
> > multi-multi. Any real solution will lead to out of sequence numbers being
> Given a fast enough and robust enough network, there is no reason why 
> sequential numbers couldn't be assigned given the proper coding.

Nope - there are circumstances when the QSO will fall apart after
you have given out a number, and it needs to be reused.

> Contest rules.  But most contests with serial numbers that I operate 
> already have this handled.  In CQ WPX, you give different numbers on each 
> band.  In SS, there IS no multi-multi.  Actually, I think that others in 
> the CQP use different numbers per band, but things would get screwed up 
> in a networked configuration.

I don't know of any contest where you can't give separate QSO numbers
by band.

> The REAL problem is in multi-single situations.  WPX, SS, CQP, all 
> require sequential numbers, even though there may be different 
> computers.  Since the software people don't seem to want to fix this, 
> maybe a rules change IS in order.  But I have HIGH HOPES that, since CT 
> will have to be "fixed" for the 1999 WPX (with the new point structure) 
> maybe it will also be "fixed" for serial number issues.  And, even if you 
> change the rules for multi-single (or single op with two computers as I 
> utilize), the software STILL won't handle it properly!

This is a really hard thing.  If it was easy - it would be done.  Even
if it is done - it probably won't be bulletproof - at least not for a
number of years - regardless of who does it.

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