[ct-user] Serial numbers in M/S and M/M

Mel Martin Mel Martin <mel@interlink.net>
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 07:28:36 -0400

Just my last thought on this.... to those who have input on the
comittees that decide such things... the fact that most M/S and M/M
stations do use computers should be considered when drafting the rules
for various contests. Run them by an experienced computer programmer for

And a note about the current thread about CT versions... this is
"hearsay" based on what I've seen on this reflector before... 9.27 used
an older compiler that generated smaller executables that didn't work on
machines with very large memory configurations (> 32M I think). The new
compiler generates programs that require more memory, but will work on
large memory configurations. 9.27 might be a better choice on some
vintage computers with limited resources.

Mel Martin

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