[ct-user] Serial numbers in M/S and M/M

David Robbins David Robbins <k1ttt@berkshire.net>
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 13:31:41 +0000

rgr on that.  watch those old computers.  my station setup here
includes 6 old 386dx 25mhz machines with 2meg ram.  i could not
even load 9.3? with 2 meg, fortunately ram is cheap now so i was
able to find enough to upgrade all the machines to 5 meg.

also note that logs made with 9.3? use a different time format so
you could not start a contest with a new one and then back up to
9.27 if something didn't work, so test well before the contest, 
including with the biggest log you may possibly generate.

i do disagree that rule changes should go past software developers.
all contests should be runnable on paper logs, and if you can do it
on paper you can do it in software.  just think about how you would
have to do a single set of serial numbers if you were using multiple
radios and logging on paper... obviously a case where either the
operators are pushing the limits of the rules or the rule writers
were trying to limit you to really one transmitter by making it hard
to rapidly qsy.

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