[ct-user] Re: M/M serial numbers

P&V Nesbit P&V Nesbit <pnesbit@melbpc.org.au>
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 07:42:37 +1000

At 13:31 4/10/1998 +0000, David K1TTT wrote:
>all contests should be runnable on paper logs, and if you can do it
>on paper you can do it in software.

...and by the same token, if you can't do it on paper, you shouldn't have
to do it in software.

The rules for most M/M contests allow considerable physical separation
between transmitters, so how are operators expected to remain synchronized?
By shouting numbers from one end of the paddock to the other? Setting up
elaborate intercoms? Semaphore? You could end up spending more time yelling
at each other than actually operating:

"I said 4-6-7, that's four six seven, four six seven, ok? ... ... ...  No!
I said FOUR six seven, that's FOUR as in ONE TWO THREE FOUR, ONE TWO THREE
FOUR, got that? ... ... ... No, you still got the first number wrong, I
said FFFFOUR FFOOUURR!!! (grrr) WAKE UP BOZO! (Damn, I'll have to walk over

The people who write contest rules have not overlooked these sorts of
practical difficulties, and to the best of my knowledge, separate numbers
for each band are permissible in all M/M contests. After all, the basis of
the M/M category is to remove every possible impediment to operation, so as
to wring every last QSO from the bands. Given this objective, it makes no
sense to burden M/M's with having to use a single set of numbers for all
bands, without gaps, despite occasional unfinished QSOs. If any such
contests exist, it would make more sense for entrants to complain long and
loud to get the rules changed, than to badger our long-suffering contest
programmers to dream up fantasy algorithms to codify impossible rules.

Peter VK3APN
ex WIA Federal Contest Manager (92-98)


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