[ct-user] CT Loop network

Tony Osman Tony Osman <aosman@cgocable.net>
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 17:55:50 -0400

Has anyone any experience in using 9.37 in loop mode? I am trying to get
this working and not having a lot of success. My connections are to two
computers (for test purposes) and I have the connectors wired as follows:

Tx -> Rx 
Rx -> Tx 
Gnd -> Gnd

Pins 7& 8 are shorted (RTS/CTS). I am loading the Comtsrs and setting the
comm ports to network. I start ct with -loop switch. I cannot communicate
from one computer to the other using Alt-G. What am I doing wrong??  BTW
cables buzz out correctly.

Tony, Ve3rz

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