[ct-user] Starting with a serial number of MY choice?

Tony Tony <ke6ynr@garlic.com>
Sun, 4 Oct 1998 21:41:56 -0700

Hi folks,
   In the CA QSO party, we had some CT problems, switched to a different 
logger for a while. We then fixed the CT problem and wanted to switch back
to CT. We could not find out how to start up with a serial number = 66 (in our case).
   None of the command line switches or config file items or internal commands looked hopeful. 

   Does anyone know how to preset the 1st serial number?
We're using CT 9.27.

Thanks, Tony

P.S. the other logger was Log-EQF in contest mode. Worked OK in the contest, but not industrial strength. Great logger, though!

Tony Armendariz

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