[ct-user] Help Needed CT Network doesn't work

Mike Walker Mike Walker <mwalker@Legato.COM>
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 15:10:57 -0400


Does it work when you are NOT running Win95?  If not, then you have a hardware problem or a setup problem.  Are the serial ports setup correctly with COMTSR?  

Does the serial port you are using share an interrupt (IRQ) with the mouse port?

Does ALT-G fail?  If not, then the hardware is OK.

Does the serial port on the Pentium work with modems, etc?

As for using NETTSR...works great.   We have multiple stations set up on the Lan.  Just make sure you Lan cards have a DOS Packet driver available.

Tell us more... :-)


At 07:43 AM 13/10/98 , John K9UWA wrote:
>I had a two computer setup..one 486 / 33 mhz and a 486 / 100 mhz. One 
>was hooked to an IC-765 and DRSI internal TNC ....the other connected 
>by Null Modem cable to a 2nd IC-765.   I replaced the 486 / 100 with a 
>Pentium 166 mhz running Windows 95.  Currently following instructions 
>from another CT posting computer boots to a "CT" configuration and the 
>radio works fine.....however I can't seem to get the Null Modem link 
>between the 2 computers to work....no packet spots to 2nd computer and 
>no Logging between them....anyone have similar setup that could send me 
>copies or whatever setups and bat files or anything else that will make 
>it work....Would appreciate all the help I can get!!
>John K9UWA
>ps: what about ether net cards?? Will they work??
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