[ct-user] Help Needed CT Network doesn't work

Tony Osman Tony Osman <aosman@cgocable.net>
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 17:30:03 -0400

Make particularly sure that you have installed direct connection.  This is
not a default Windows install component and you will have to load it from
the Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs Icon.  Select communciations
and select direct connection.

This had me going once for about a month...Daaaaa.

Tony, VE3RZ

At 11:43 AM 13/10/98 +0000, John K9UWA wrote:
>I had a two computer setup..one 486 / 33 mhz and a 486 / 100 mhz. One 
>was hooked to an IC-765 and DRSI internal TNC ....the other connected 
>by Null Modem cable to a 2nd IC-765.   I replaced the 486 / 100 with a 
>Pentium 166 mhz running Windows 95.  Currently following instructions 
>from another CT posting computer boots to a "CT" configuration and the 
>radio works fine.....however I can't seem to get the Null Modem link 
>between the 2 computers to work....no packet spots to 2nd computer and 
>no Logging between them....anyone have similar setup that could send me 
>copies or whatever setups and bat files or anything else that will make 
>it work....Would appreciate all the help I can get!!
>John K9UWA
>ps: what about ether net cards?? Will they work??
>John Goller, K9UWA & Jean Goller, N9PXF 
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