[ct-user] One problem left to fix...DVP Card Crashes computer

John K9UWA John K9UWA" <k9uwa@cris.com
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 13:23:14 +0000

First of all thanks to all the guys that responded to help with my 
"Networking Problem"....it all works fine now. Radios both work on both 
computers and packet works correctly. Both computers log correctly.
So I turned on the DVP card and ask for SSB type contest...It works for 
about 2 short CQ's and a your 5/9 ...qrz...and then it crashed the 
whole program.  Blue screen with 
Page Fault has ocurred Due to Insufficient Memory Absolute address = 
1007800   DGroup relative address = 0007800
error code = 0006
and a bunch of other such eax, ebx, etc codes....can't be out of memory 
as computer has 64 Meg....so now what did I do wrong?? Any good ideas 
on this one??
John K9UWA

John Goller, K9UWA & Jean Goller, N9PXF 
Antique Radio Restorations


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