[ct-user] Re : Control-Enter

Andy Cook, G4PIQ Andy Cook, G4PIQ" <g4piq@blacksheep.org
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 23:27:57 +0100

Following up from Chris' comments,  have just confirmed the same thing.
You can even show it happens on a stand-alone single PC.

Start CT, and type BANDSPOT.

On the band which CT started up in (say 80m), enter a needed multipler
(say LA1K) callsign and do Control-Enter. Enter the frequency of the
station (say 3675). In the Alt-A window you will now see LA1K.

Change bands on CT (e.g. to 10m). Enter a needed mult for that band (say
HG1S), do control-Enter, and enter the frequency (e.g. 28450). You won't
find HG1S in the ALT-A window now, but if you change bands back to 80m,
you'll find both LA1K on 3675 and HG1S on 28450 shown. 

I've checked this with both 9.27 and 9.37 here.

Hope to see you all as M8T (multi-multi) in 10 days time!


Andy, G4PIQ

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