[ct-user] 9.37 Start-up band

Andy Cook, G4PIQ Andy Cook, G4PIQ" <g4piq@blacksheep.org
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 00:18:36 +0100

Without a radio connected, 9.37 always seems to start up on 20m,
regardless of what band the program was on when it was last exit. 9.27
behaves OK and remembers it's last band. Does anyone know if there is a
workaround to this one. All will be just fine until the start of the
contest when we eventually find the RF in the radio control and it all
has to be turned off!

One other very minor bug also noted is that typing BANDSPOT or ALLSPOT
does not update the display at the bottom of the ALT-A window (Mults
Needed All Bands / Mults Needed This Band) in the same way that
ALT-RightArrow+PgUp/PgDn does.


Andy, G4PIQ

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