[ct-user] CT9.37 Bug ? - Network / TNC Drivers

Andy Cook, G4PIQ Andy Cook, G4PIQ" <g4piq@blacksheep.org
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 15:43:59 +0100

We've come across what looks like it may be another bug with 9.37. 

When CT is running, if you do SETUP and switch a COM port from Network
to TNC, not all the data arrives intact from the TNC - some disappears
down a black hole. Also, some of the network data appears in the Packet
Window. The same happens in reverse - if you go from TNC to Network, the
network does not receive properly on that COM port.

If you quit CT and restart after each change all seems to be OK - it's
just changes made live which don't work right.

Anyone have any easier workarounds to this one?


Andy Cook, G4PIQ.

M8T mult-multi at the weekend if we can get it all to work!

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