[ct-user] ICE filters

Mike Walker Mike Walker <mwalker@legato.com>
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 10:38:31 -0400

OK...call me paranoid.. but:

2 weeks ago I ordered some band pass filters to be shipped her to Canada.  Murphy's law, but they haven't arrived yet and I'm leaving tomorrow to the contest station.

So...I phone them today just to make sure they where shipped...  Phone rings and rings and some lady answers, never heard of ICE.  hhmmm  wrong number.  I wait an hour and call again and make sure I have the right number.  Rings 10 times, no answer.

So, I call information for Indianapolis, no listing for Industrial Communications Specialists.

I'm likely blowing this out of proportion, but has anyone else had any experience on this?


p.s.  checked my visa on the web and the  purchase is there, so I can only assume that they where shipped but not here yet.

Mike Walker VA3MW
Corbeil Contest Club

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