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Danilo Brelih Danilo Brelih" <danilo.brelih@siol.net
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 23:45:02 +0200

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Zadeva: [ct-user] Set time

>  I don't know how is possible to set the time of the contest at 00.00 and
to start it at (for example) another hour and have the rate sheet right. If
I start the contest at 04.00 and I select the rate sheet I will have the
first bar of the rate sheet refered to the first hour but in reality the
contest is started from 4 hours ( I would like to see the first bars of the
4 hours empties and the line of the 4 hour with my rate ). I hope to be
clear. Thank you.

Very simple.
Set first QSO made on 0400 back to 0000Z. (you lost of one QSO in
But, reenter back when sending log to contest committee.

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