Fwd: Re: [ct-user] B1A

Stan Staten Stan Staten <sstaten@netkonnect.net>
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 19:50:20 -0400

I'm not sure what you mean ss the callsign field.  I tried B1=BY at the end
of the file and it didn't work so I edited the list undet China to add B1
to the list at that did work.

73 Stan

>Put B1 = whatever the country prefix is in the callsign field and it
>will then be able to score it correctly
>73 de Brian/K3KO
>Stan Staten wrote:
>> Well, I think I stumped CT 9.36 last night  in the CQWW contest.  CT
>> indicated that it could not resolve a B1A that was on 20 slightly above
>> 73 Stan
>> W3INK

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