[ct-user] CT 6.26 User. Wrong Zones in CQWW

P. Venkatraman P. Venkatraman" <vitalink@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:45:56 +0530

We are VU2JNA a club station in Bombay India and we recently took part
in the CQWW SSB as a Multi Single.

We use CT 6.26 (the shareware version) downloaded from the net. In order
to get the Zones right we had also downloaded the latest versions of CTY
files put up on the CT site.

During the contest we encountered two problems.

1. We found that the Zones as reported by the Hams was in some cases
different from that as reflected by CT. This was predominantly more so
in the case of Russian stations who often gave Zone 16 instead of Zone
17. In a few cases it was the other way round. We decided to make a note
of all such instances by using the Alt N function. During peak times
this slowed down the QSO rate and we wrote it down manually. But still
we fear that in many instances we may not have done this properly. We
may thus be able to correct a few.

The issue is which option is the correct thing to do.
a. Let the CT zones remain as it is and not correct them.
b. Correct the Zones as reported in the QSO.

2. In the case of the following calls the CT did not reflect the country
correctly. It reflected a sign "//////" in the last column.. What does
this indicate? How do we correct it?
The calls in question are VE6JY, VE6SV, VY2SS and B7K.

Just for the info we logged in 2031 unduplicated QSOs and the score as
now reflected is in in excess of 2 Mill.

Had a great time. And thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It is the paperwork
that is turning out to be the pain.

for JNA Wireless Association.

P. Venkatraman VU3PVN

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