[ct-user] B2R9 - Half log one hour off...

RWMaylott@aol.com RWMaylott@aol.com
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 20:47:32 EST

After encountering this problem with my CQWW SSB log, I just downloaded the
latest version of B2R9, with the same result...

Up until about 0200 October 25, the B2R9 output has SUBTRACTED one hour from
all logged times.  From that point on times are A-OK.  (Writelog .ALL output
shows first contact at 0003 on 24-Oct; B2R9 shows 2303 on 23-Oct).  What

CT run under DOS; computer clock set to UTC.

                                  73, Dick, W2YE

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