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Wed, 28 Oct 1998 12:24:40 -0500

Maybe I missed something but if you set the time on your computer to UCT (Z)
then why doesn't CT just pick it up.   I also have left the time alone on
the PC and set CT to UCT.   I did have to get RFI out of the battery
replacer/charger but that is all.

I have an old Acer notebook computer 386SL20 where I run CT 8.3something.  I
set it to UCT and have never had a problem.  I don't try to interface with
my gear as its too old or too complicated.

Is this something involved with DOS versus W95/98?   Microsoft (a SVP)
employee again told me that  MS intends to make it hard to run DOS programs
on their platforms.  First he said that DOS 7 on current windows is just a
launch platform for Windows and is missing many of the commands (try to find
Dosshell for example) in DOS 6+.  Second, he said that MS cannot support all
versions of their old OS.  He said DOD requires 5 year support (GSA
requirement) so W3.1 and 3.11(workgroups), W95, DOS 6, and DOS 7 are the
only ones supported now and in 2 years W3.1 and DOS 6 (early versions) will
roll off.   He did say that NT has much more DOS support (at least right
now).  I told about our networking problems at many of the multi op
stations.  He said why don't they go to NT and get rid of the old (obsolete)
problems.  I said this could be very expensive.  He countered that older
PC's (at least 386's with 2 to 4MB) can still be NT terminals.   Of course
he cannot spell LINUX either.

Not my words...words from microsoft...

73 Dave K4JRB

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