[ct-user] PED ver.5.10 available from PED HomePages

KITAGAWA Masahiro 北川勝浩 KITAGAWA Masahiro 北川勝浩
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:13:44 +0900 (JST)

CW pileup trainer PED by JE3MAS is available from PED HomePages;
http://www.qc.ee.es.osaka-u.ac.jp/radio/ped/			(English)
http://www.qc.ee.es.osaka-u.ac.jp/radio/ped/index-j.html	(Japanese)

The latest version is 5.10.

Version 5 still remains a DOS application but is different from
version 4 in many aspects.

The format of PED data file has been changed to accommodate text-mode
editing and filtering. Also you can make PED data file from CT's BIN
file by using PED itself.


Hope you all break your own record in coming CQ World Wide CW.

de masa JH3PRR @ JA3ZOH Mt.RF

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