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Charles W. Shaw Charles W. Shaw" <n5ul@wtaccess.com
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 14:59:56 +0000

Jim, you wrote:
(and Others)

>It should have, everything was OK for me on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday
>a.m. the log was an hour off. 

I had a similar problem last Spring.  Check out Windows 95(98):
	1. Double click the time icon in the task bar. 
	2. Select the Time Zone tab.
	3. The  check box to "Automatically adjust for daylight savings time" is
active even though you may have selected (GMT) Dublin, Edinburgh, London,
etc. in the box above.
I pulled the Time Zone box down one slot to "(GMT) Monrovia, Casablanca .
..)" and the little check box is no longer active and the problem
apparently went away.

By the way -- thank you once again for all your work in keeping the country
files, etc. up; and providing them for all of us to use!!!


73, Charles

Charles W. Shaw, N5UL
Hobbs, NM (near the SE corner)

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