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Fri, 30 Oct 1998 20:00:23 -0000

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Date: Friday, October 30, 1998 6:43 PM
Subject: 9.37 time errors

>A friend of mine asked me to examine his 9.37. For some reason on the
>day of the contest, the time became 0000-0059 and repeated itself for four
>times. He worked stations for this four hour time period and every time he
>finished a SO at 0059, the next station he worked would log at 0000. He ,
>for some unknown reason, was not watching the time during the contest.
>    He gave me a copy and I tried to use Postcontest  and to ALT F to the
>change time. Guess What? After changing the time and entering the new time,
>and then hitting enter, the log would reflect the time I was doing the
>    I tried editing a time in an old log that I have and the same thing
>happened: it showed not what I entered, but the time I actually did the
>    I tried doing all the above on two different computers with 9.37. Same
>    This is a real screw up.
>    I think I better learn how to use TR. real fast.
>                                                                73, Al

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