[ct-user] V9.37 Radio Timeout, Radio 2 probs, grab spot pain

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Here is my experience with V9.37 in several areas.

1) The radio timeout "problem".  Yes it prints the error message. I get
it when I send or grab a spot.  It doesn't affect anything as far as I
can tell.  The log shows all the correct frequencies.  Using a Kenwood

Kenwood's often show a timeout message now because CT stops polling while
the radio is transmitting. This was done because the 940 can't walk and chew
gum at the same time. I guess I should customize the code for 940's only. -

2) I was running a single radio for a while as radio 2.  Guess what.
When I tried to spot something, no frequency showed up for either the
recieve frequency or QSX frequency.  Nada just a blank.  I switched
things back to so the radio was radio 1 and it worked OK.  Anybody else
notice that?

I  just ran some tests. Radio 2 support seems to be entirely broken! Strange
K1AR didn't mention this after the test. I'll have to fix this...soon. -

3) The ctrl-> and then scrolling to a spot is very inconvenient. I
understand why it was done.  However, why not just use the same logic
and let the alt F3 send you to the box for scrolling.  Alt-F3 to get you
there, alt-F3 to return.  Why anything else?  Alt- F3 doesn work now to
grab spots anyhow.

Alt F3 grabs the last spot in the visible announce window. The old way
grabbed the last spot period, leading to a surprise when you wound up on
another band. I like the current key mappings, because I can hit F3 over and
over to toggle the run and spot frequencies. If I don't get through on the
first call to a spot, I hit F3 and CQ to hold the freq. The I hit F3 again
to try again on the spot. - K1EA

4)It was reported that splits were not properly spotted in this
version.  I initially had troubles with this but only when the B was the
primary VFO I was tuning with and VFO A was the xmit frequency.
Reversing this solved the problem.  Though I swear it only worked
properly after getting out of CT and back into it.  Radio is TS450.

CT should work OK with Kenwoods running on VFO or B. Yaesus have problems in
the reverse mode. I guess I need to hook up a 940 and re-test. - K1EA

I wonder when the next version is due out and if these kinds of things
will be addressed.

I will release a 9.38 with the new (incomplete) contests this week. - K1EA


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