[ct-user] V9.37 Radio Timeout, Radio 2 probs, grab spot pain

Brian Alsop Brian Alsop <alsopb@vance.net>
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 20:29:23 +0000


Here is my experience with V9.37 in several areas.

1) The radio timeout "problem".  Yes it prints the error message. I get
it when I send or grab a spot.  It doesn't affect anything as far as I
can tell.  The log shows all the correct frequencies.  Using a Kenwood

2) I was running a single radio for a while as radio 2.  Guess what.
When I tried to spot something, no frequency showed up for either the
recieve frequency or QSX frequency.  Nada just a blank.  I switched
things back to so the radio was radio 1 and it worked OK.  Anybody else
notice that?

3) The ctrl-> and then scrolling to a spot is very inconvenient. I
understand why it was done.  However, why not just use the same logic
and let the alt F3 send you to the box for scrolling.  Alt-F3 to get you
there, alt-F3 to return.  Why anything else?  Alt- F3 doesn work now to
grab spots anyhow.

4)It was reported that splits were not properly spotted in this
version.  I initially had troubles with this but only when the B was the
primary VFO I was tuning with and VFO A was the xmit frequency. 
Reversing this solved the problem.  Though I swear it only worked
properly after getting out of CT and back into it.  Radio is TS450.

I wonder when the next version is due out and if these kinds of things
will be addressed.


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