[ct-user] CT Ethernet Setup

Jesse M. Wall Jr. Jesse M. Wall Jr." <ka8yyz@neo.lrun.com
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 16:05:36 -0400

Well, I finally found the problem. I ran the DOS Config utility, and
it showed the wrong address for the card. I changed and saved. The
packet driver and NetTSR loaded OK. I then found that I had to rerun
the DOS Config everytime I wanteded to load the driver, even though
all infomation was OK. I disabled PNP mode on the card and all is
well. Apparently PNP mode doesn't save all the configuration to the

I had to re-enable PNP mode to get it to work in Windows 95. It
appears I have to disable PNP when I want to use CT, and re-enable for

Thanks to everyone who offered input to help resolve my problem.

Jesse - KA8YYZ

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