[ct-user] 8 Port Digi Board and CT

Dan Szymanski Dan Szymanski <daniel.szymanski@erols.com>
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 15:57:36 +0100

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I came up with a eight port digi board.  PC/X series.  Uses a fossil
driver that loads from autoexec.bat file.  Machine I am using is a
Native DOS 6.22 only unit no WINDOZE installed at all. Machine is
486DX2-66, 16 MB RAM.  This machines primary use is to run CT for
contests.  Also I have K1TTT's NETTSR loaded and running networked on a
Intel NIC card to other native DOS only units.   

Other DOS comm programs like Telix and Timeset have been successfully
reconfigured using a port on the Digi board for modem.

Since it is rather poorly detailed, can anyone provide some guidance as
to other than loading the DIGI.EXE TSR and using the command switch
-digi within CT.exe  what it takes to get this combination flying with
the com ports? Ports I would to use include TNC, Radio1 and Rotor1. 
Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Dan Szymanski
Frederick, MD
Potomac Valley Radio Club
National Capital DX Association
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