[ct-user] Voice DVP, DVK, W9XT or Kenwood DRU??

Dennis Vernacchia Dennis Vernacchia <n6ki@juno.com>
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 00:07:45 -0700

	Our contest club purchased an MFJ Voice Keyer a year or so ago.
We had nothing but grief with it and finally returned it for a refund.
	We never could set the "repeat" mode for less than 5 seconds,
which would be useless in a contest as we normally are set for 1.5 to 1.8
seconds so no stations tune by us in the listening lull between CQs/
	There was no reset button to stop the unit if you started to
CQ just a someone started calling you.
	When we turned the unit on it automatically started playing
a message, very annoying if you didn't need a CQ at that moment.
	We heard that some people had RF get into the unit
distorting the outgoing message.
	MFJ gave us some kluge fixes over the phone and by mail,
they didn't work or caused the unit to malfunction elesewhere.
	They took that unit back and sent us the new improved version.
Same problems. They would not send us a schematic so that some of the
 engineers on our crew could at least re-design it to make it work.
	Bottom line "Mighty Fine Junk"........ it was.

Get a  K1EA carrd from XX Towers and save yourself a lot of grief. 

I have no pecuniary interest in any vendors mentioned, especially

73, Dennis N6KI ( NR6R - San Diego Contest Club)

On Tue, 06 Apr 1999 03:10:13 -0400 "Dean St. Hill"
<vision2000@sunbeach.net> writes:
>Hi Guys
>I'm trying to decide on what to do about a voice keyer.
>I'm a confirmed dyed-in-the-wool CT user, but need some advice on 
>of the several available options is best for my voice keyer needs.
>I'm tempted to simply buy an MFJ voice keyer and trigger it using the
>LPT switches available within CT. I think this is overall the cheapest
>But I'm intrigued by the possibilities of the DVP and more recently by
>the W9XT board.
>Is there anyone who has actually used this equipment especially if
>you've used two or more of these units: Please give me your 
>and a comparison.
>I'm particularly interested if you've used these pieces of equipment 
>a high rate single-op setting. 
>Dean - 8P6SH/8P2k
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