[ct-user] MFJ voice keyer

thompson@mindspring.com thompson@mindspring.com
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:11:26 -0400

I noticed several knock offs on the MFJ voice keyer.  I have one and mine
works fine.  If the keyer you have is not revision 1 or better then it will
not work straight through.  Revision 1 or later was redesigned by W8JI and
works great.  You do have to turn off the power if you start a CQ by mistake
but what do you expect for $100!!!.   Its easy to adapt to Yaesu, ICOM or
Kenwood (8 pin plug) without changing anything but the jumpers.

I have an old Nel-Tech DVK-100 and got it revised by Nel-Tech 4 years ago.
It works great and can be quickly adapted to any rig or plug but you need to
build the cables.  One point is that it woks with the electro tet mics and
the ICOM's.  I use it with an old ICOM 740 on WARC bands and 10 meters.

Don't have a new enough computer to use the XT card or DVP (386/SL20
notebook running CT 8.29) in the shack.  Last I saw the voice keyer (Xt or
DVP) was to discreet for my tastes on SSB for sending individual letters.

Dave K4JRB

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